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Language Log

Wednesday, Mar. 03, 2010 - 8:01 a.m.

Tried a sample calligraphy piece along those lines. Liked it! Though the one I did was far from perfect. (Try doing calligraphy with a sleeping baby in a sling in front uof you! See how good you are! Hah!) I think this approach will actually be very pleasantly challenging-- no text to interfere or distract from the visual information, the fact that I really like the quote can't interfere with my assessment of the lettering and layout, so the rest needs to be top-notch for it to stand. That's the sort of challenge I need.

Leaving today for Memphis for a couple of weeks. May have spotty internet access while I'm there, especially once J goes to Brazil (if! I'm still hoping the visa won't make it in time), taking his laptop with him.

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