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Language Log

Monday, Mar. 08, 2010 - 9:15 a.m.

Things going fine here. Yesterday involved a decadent breakfast followed by a series of naps, followed by dinner at a Mexican buffet.

So far J has not received the visa-- so we have him for one more day at least. If it gets here within a day or two, he's still gonna go, will just miss the front end of the conference. We shall see.

Haven't gotten a chance to play with art supplies, really. I get fewer opportunities than I thought I would, and when I do get free time, I tend to want to sleep for some reason. My morning awake time is as usual wasted since no one gets up early around here other than me. In the afternoon and evening when there are people to take over baby entertainment duties, I'm zonked.

Related to people getting up early, or not, whenever I'm down here my mother calls at least once at like 7:15am. Reason #1: she forgets about the time difference. Even 8:15 would be a little early, frankly, and so we come to reason #2: she thinks all morally sound, productive people must be early risers. The in-laws are indeed morally sound, productive people, therefore they must get up early. She can't quite process that good, responsible non-wastrels might regularly sleep till 10, so she keeps calling bright and early when everyone (but me, who am still suffering the effects of her early morning wake-up training) is snoozing. Of course, they *always* answer their phone, so she *always* disturbs them. *sigh*.

They seem to have a sense of humor about it, thank goodness. Also: the British Library illuminated manuscript catalog online rocks my world!

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