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Language Log

Wednesday, Mar. 10, 2010 - 7:05 a.m.

Well, phooey, looks like J's visa finally got in the mail to him and will presumably arrive today, so he'll still be going. So I will be incommunicado for a while after this, I expect. Phooey, I say again!

Got to the art supply store to get some more paper to play with in my free moments. Did a rather nice piece yesterday-- it's not perfect, and J didn't think it was sufficiently evocative, but I liked it. Well, on we go-- more and better.

Had dry rub ribs for the second time this week. Life is good.

MIL was trying to help me brainstorm (well, it was more her doing it, rather than helping me do it) a new line of things of some sort for the business. Her heart's in the right place, and I can't even say she's wrong, but I can't bring myself to, for example, calligraph children's names on things. That just ain't me. A line of something inspired by Spigotbottom? Not a bad idea, but I think I'll wait until I am actually inspired. It tends to work out better that way.

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