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Language Log

Monday, Mar. 15, 2010 - 4:30 p.m.

J is back, looking sunburned and sporting a new Brazilian hat.

Not much has occurred over the past 5 days. Everything has been more or less fine; nothing even worth complaining about (and we know I have fairly low standards when it comes to complaint-worthiness).

For years I've been going using these crowquill nibs I found in my dad's stuff; lately I've been busting them one after another. Esterbrook no. 62s. They're my favorites for pointed pen work. Finally came to the last one and decided I should look into where to get more of them, since I've been less than impressed with other crowquills I've tried. Guess what? They don't make them anymore. Apparently I've been using vintage nibs all these years. The search for a new favorite nib is officially on.

Have managed to do some calligraphy, quite literally around Spigotbottom. Ge'ez, a bit of Georgian, more Sorang Sompeng mixed with Roman. Pretty happy with how a couple of them have turned out. Will post to the other blog when I get home, imperfections and all. May publicly self-critique. Is that a good idea for a blog that's basically an extended advertisement for my artwork? To point out my own flaws? Meh. Don't care. I think it'll be all right. Not my bread and butter work I'll be criticizing, anyway. My calligraphy may have its flaws, but the jewelry is beyond reproach. Trust me. :)

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