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Tuesday, Mar. 16, 2010 - 9:29 a.m.

Check it out-- I'm sitting here on the computer drinking my tea and having just eaten my granola, it's 8:30am local time, and Spigotbottom is _still asleep_. I expect an eruption at any moment, but still! Still asleep! Am beginning to have hope for seeing morning worktime again. Now how to get the mandatory afternoon nap on a regular basis....

If you're ever in Memphis, do check out Las Tortugas Mexican Deli in Germantown. Staunchly authentic Mexican food, and the register is usually manned by a bright-eyed, enthusiastic fellow who's willing to tell you all about it.
Mole tacos. Mango agua fresca. Mmmm.

Mom's 80th birthday today. Sent flowers, bought a nice handbound photo album on Etsy and filled it with photos of a) Spigotbottom and b) me when I was teeny (previously only available in slide format, so she had never had prints of them). Hope she likes it. We may also buy her a new dryer. Festive, I know. Other folks get giant parties with all their family there for their 80th-- hope she feels celebrated/loved enough. She's been kinda in the dumps about it for the last week or two.

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