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Saturday, Mar. 27, 2010 - 8:02 a.m.

The whole thing with Spigotbottom going to bed easily at 7:30 and sleeping peacefully with only 3 wakings for feedings until 8:00am was sooo last week. Ah, last week, I recall it fondly.

Now she fights sleep until 8:30 (even when we start bedtime proceedings at 7), and this morning, up and fussy at 6:00.

I had opposed the use of a pacifier on aesthetic grounds, but finally gave in and sent J to the store to get one to help with bedtime last night. Guess what? She rejected it.

Oh, and she's also stopped falling asleep easily on my chest. Which eliminates any interim sleeping position that can be easily used to transfer her to her crib.

AND she still doesn't like to be with me in my studio/office-- she'll wake up from a sleep to complain about it. It's as though she senses that I might get something useful done if I am allowed to spend any real time in there. The result is me wandering between the living room and kitchen for hours at a time with her strapped to my chest sleeping. I just sort of snack and poke at things. I'm in the living room on J's laptop now. She's allowing me to sit in the recliner. For now.

She's been very placid and smiley apart from all that, though. I shouldn't complain. But I will. Oh, you know I will.

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