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Language Log

Monday, May. 17, 2010 - 9:09 p.m.

A cat barfed at the bottom of the stairs today, and when I came down afterward, they were all sittin ghtere looking at me. It was like they had a betting pool going as to whether I'd step in it or not.

Great weekend-- J's birthday. Trip to Indy; bacon, shoes, biscuits and gravy, cupcakes, corned beef.

Rainy today, and sort of cold. There's nothing to do with a four-month-old when it's raining. You just sort of walk from room to room with her, sit her down until she hollers, walk around some more. I am so tired. Tired and bored, all at the same time. We did go out anyway, and got rained on. Misted on, rather. It wasn't raining that hard. Fairly unpleanant, but at least the scenery was different. Ish.

I am behind in all correspondance. I'm always glad to get email, but I never write back. Terrible.

Burnt butter. I am all about the burnt butter now. I have in my fridge a jar of chicken fat to fry things in; yesterday I started a vat of bacon fat to keep and fry things in; to this list of saturated fats I am now going to add burnt butter. Next time I have enough butter in the house I'm going to burn me up a mess of it and keep it in a vat in the fridge, too. So many delicious things to fry things in. To hell with olive oil, I say.

The cupcakes involved burned butter; I hadn't had it before, and it was a life changing experience.

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