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Language Log

Sunday, Jun. 27, 2010 - 2:57 p.m.

Spigotbottom ate an entire peach today. I got one bite before she nabbed it, then later when she had pared it on down, I ate the rest of the skin, which was threatening to come off all in one glob. Other than that, it was all her. At one point I set it down so we could sit down, and she started crying. Then at the end, when all that was left was a bare pit (which I had firm hold of, thank you), she cried again. Then was whisked away for a nap.

Seriously, aside from some juice, it all went down. I've created a monster!

This morning went out to a local restaurant and had biscuits and gravy-- she looked VERY offended that I didn't offer her any, and did start crying (hard to say that was the reason, though). Of course, couldn't give her any of that. If I have to limit myself to foods I'd be willing to share with my baby, I'll definitely be eating a healthier diet than previously.

Gonna go eat me a peach now, while she's asleep and I have a chance at it.

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