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Language Log

Friday, Jul. 23, 2010 - 8:44 p.m.

We got an outdoor burner so I can cook plants down into fiber outdoors where they won't stink up the joint, but I'm still having trouble making this stuff look good. It looks like either a) dead grass or b) poo. Last I checked, neither was very marketable, at least not as jewelry. Having better luck with straightforward "hello, I am a rectangle of handmade paper. I have been made into an earring." than with any of the fancy things I've been trying to do. Well, what can you do. Can't force inspiration. For now, rectangles it is, I guess.

Spigotbottom had cajun black beans and rice and meatloaf for lunch. Then avocado for dinner. She is sooo close to crawling. Did I mention that? I may have, but it bears repeating.

The grown up dinner is worth noting for the record tonight, too: Indiana chanterelles and lamb pastrami bacon, with blue cheese (a very strong kind we brought back from the cheese shop in Ocean Grove) and avocado, over pasta. Tasty!

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