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Language Log

Monday, Aug. 02, 2010 - 10:08 p.m.

Disastrous day in the kitchen. Food mill malfunctions; blackberry puree everywhere. I can't talk about it anymore. The jam turned out perfect, though (blackberry and cinnamon with a bit of red wine thrown in for good measure). Also a win with a tomato red pepper soup-- a bisque, perhaps-- although that one also ended up with me covered in bits of puree. Funny.

There was also a serious cling wrap malfunction. It was a rough day.

The kid who used to live in the trailer next door stopped by with his two friends, looking to make $6 for yard work. I let them do it, of course. Raking leaves away from the fence, which really did need done again. That kid got big since they left. I mean, his voice changed and everything. Was it that long ago? Anyway, it was kind of nice to see him.

Oh, and the iPod I use to stave off boredom when nursing or supervising Spigotbottom's playing on the floor broke a few days ago (perhaps related to Spigotbottom's treating it as a chew toy?). We made about 15 appointments at the Apple store before we finally settled on one that might actually work for us, and then when I unplugged the iPod to get ready to go, it spontaneously began working again. It's a miracle! Which saint is responsible for healing iPods?

Ok, going to bed now.

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