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Saturday, Aug. 21, 2010 - 1:57 p.m.

Everyone's having breech babies right now. I have...hmm, three or four pregnant about-to-bust-at-any-moment friends, all of whom are breech. Crazy! One of them actually found a doctor who will deliver a breech birth w/out a c-section. Because she's afraid of needles and surgery and wanted a natural childbirth. I have the urge to reassure her that the c-section was not a big deal, but I'm holding my tongue. These things are so personal, it seems that even reassurance isn't the thing to offer. But seriously, how could painkiller-free delivery of a frank breech baby be better than getting a c-section? I shudder to think of it.

And I was thinking yesterday about how back when I was pregnant, I imagined I would 'simply' have to become more efficient in use of my time, and that if I did so, I could keep up with everything. What made me think I was capable of becoming more efficient? That because the situation would clearly call for it, I would be able to step up and do it. Oh well, I guess it's just as well I deluded myself. I do remember a time when I was more self-disciplined, though. really.

I've been keeping up with the jam-making rather well, anyway. Today, made up the peach jam with black cardamom and Jack Daniels, and it is yummy.

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