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Thursday, Sept. 09, 2010 - 3:13 p.m.

I did it, I canceled that show. Feels much better. And I'll even be getting my booth fee back (hopefully) from the person they found to take my spot. So just this show on Saturday, then one in October. And maybe the Thanksgiving one, though I have yet to hear back about that. I turned the app in late, so I'm not confident about it.

We rented a storage unit so we can simultaneously begin baby-proofing and packing. Packing! It seems so organized, packing months in advance. I even have time to label all the faces of the boxes instead of just one, which will inevitably be obscured when I actually want to know what's in the box.

I still feel a bit like things are out of my control (because they are), but packing helps. Maybe I'll make it my new hobby even after we move, packing and after a time unpacking things, just to give myself a sense that I am doing something in an organized way.

Baby-proofing. I used to think that the baby would perhaps not mess with boring things like ceramic bowls or adult books stored within her reach because she would have grown up seeing them and thus they would not be interesting to her. Hah! It is to laugh. I'm not going to make fun of my former self, but this understanding, it's an ongoing process. And how was I to know? But anyway yeah, turns out that anything within reach-- especially if it is dull in color and thus obviously designed not to catch the eye of a baby-- is irresistable.

I miss artmaking. I'm having some good tea now, though, so there is that.

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