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Language Log

Sunday, Oct. 03, 2010 - 2:19 p.m.

We have had exactly one day of cool weather, and I got a cold. Dammit!

The good news is, I found a pointed nib that I like and that isn't 40 years obsolete. Remember how I kept breaking my favorite nibs and then when I went to buy more found out that they are vintage and not manufactured anymore? Well, I found a new one that I like. Hurrah! And with acrylic ink, I can write on transparencies, which I can use to make silk screens. I ordered some new screens from circuit bridge last week, and schlepped us down to the art supply store to buy ink on Friday. Now I'm all set for some screenprinting! Now if only I actually had some inspiration as to what to print.

Now I'm going to go blow some more of my birthday money on renewing my Letter Arts Review subscription. (=inspiration, delivered quarterly)

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