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Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2010 - 2:32 p.m.

Been having a decent holiday visit with my mom and the in-laws. Mom went home yesterday; J's parents linger. Therefore, mandatory kvetch, because it's been building up.

I was told today, in that "I'm just making a suggestion" speech act that his mom does so well, that we might go out looking for a winter coat for Spigotbottom as planned, but that she "wouldn't want to take the baby out since it's just too chilly for her" and that Grandpa would be happy to babysit. I have no beef with grandpa babysitting, nor even with leaving SB at home for convenience-- but it irks me to be told what temp is not acceptable for my baby to go out in. I thought I was the parent? Check it out, it's not even December yet, it's in the 30s, does this mean that we shouldn't take her out again until, say March? Yeah, RIGHT.


Also again with the "we'll go back to the hotel now, because you may need some time to relax". Sure. Because everyone knows there's nothing more relaxing than taking care of a 10-month-old by yourself all day. Except maybe taking care of a 2 year old. Thank you for your consideration.

Again, if they need some time to be by themselves because they're tired, that's totally understandable. Just don't frame it like it's a favor to me. Say, "We're beat. We're gonna go have a nap. See ya later." Nothing wrong with honesty.

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