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Sunday, Jan. 09, 2011 - 8:45 a.m.

Spigotbottom took a late nap yesterday, woke at 7pm. Hence did not go to sleep for the night until 11. I went to bed immediately, where I laid there till 1:30 awake, wracked with coughing and grimacing with disgust at the taste if the cough drops. Finally went to sleep. Was awakened by sb at 3. Didn't have time to pee, take cold medicine, blow my nose, or grab a cough drop, so scared the bejesus out of the settling-back-in-to-sleep sb, causing a round of terrified screaming and dashing all hopes of a quick session. Had to take her and get my cough drop. Nursed her while trying not to snurfle loudly n her ear. Still had to pee. Put her gently back into her crib, where she immediately woke back up. Went to the bathroom while she cried, called J, who was still out working (yes, at 4am). Turned her over to him while I laid in bed for 2 more hours. Finally went back to sleep around 6.

Then she wakes up at 8am.


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