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Monday, Jan. 17, 2011 - 9:42 p.m.

Made some rather stellar marmalade today with slightly unconventional methodology. Only 2 jars. I know you're interested, so i'll tell you how I did it: I had made 2 batches of candied orange peel and saved the syrup. I went ahead and made a thrid batch with the same syrup, then zested an orange with the ol' microplane. Put the zest in a pan with the juice, and cut up the rest of the orange and put it in a giant teaball and added it to the juice to soak. Covered it with way too much water because the teaball was making the orange bits sit up out if the water. I intended to soak it all overnight, but lost patience and three hours later, brought it to a boil. Gave up on the teaball and used cheesecloth like I should have in the first place. Boiled it for about a half hour, squoze out all the pectin I could, and then added the zest and juice of one fatass lemon. Then the syrup from candying all the peel. Then the rest of the sugar in my sugarbowl, because it didn't taste sweet enough. Then I noticed that most of the finely planed zest had gotten removed with the cheesecloth, so I snipped up the orange's worth of peel I had just candied and threw it in. Then I boiled it to 221, and put it unto 2 inadequately prepared canning jars.

It appears to have set perfectly, despite my unscientific methods.

And that is how I made my marmalade. It also had vanilla bean in it; forgot to mention that.

I've been watching "Downton Abbey"; it's quite good.

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