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Sunday, Feb. 13, 2011 - 11:06 a.m.

Still threading bits of paper onto wire. I'm not sure if this will last, but I have been attracted to the repetitious act style of art for a little while now ('procedural', I think it's called?). Ever since I read that interview with Orly Genger, the one who does the big stuff with rope. I have a ton of dyed paper from my early days that I can't bear to throw out, but that isn't good enough to make jewelry out of. This would be an excellent app, if I can manage to do anything interesting with it.

Tentative Valentine's dining plans: Five Guys burgers followed by chocolate rum cake.

It's warming up here-- we went for a little walk yesterday, until we hit a chunk of sidewalk still impassable due to ice. Got to a park and let Spigotbottom (really must find a new nickname for her) get out and stretch her legs a bit. Totally new for her, this whole getting to walk around outside thing. I hope she won't start to hate being confined to the stroller, since I rely on it to get me exercise when it's warm enough.

Today, high of 50 predicted. We will be going out again, inshallah!

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