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Language Log

Monday, Mar. 21, 2011 - 2:54 p.m.

Nice and warm here today. I've been enjoying getting to go outside and let Q run around in the yard. Today I really thought I might be able to get some yard work done while she played outside-- really need to get things in shape for selling the house, and the yard is a mess-- but couldn't find my damn plant clippers. Don't know where the hell they are. So just became very frustrated spending all the time out there just watching her when I could have been multitasking. Well, very frustrated relative to the fact that it's a lovely spring day and we were all in a good mood. Make it more, 'sort of annoyed and obsessed with finding the clippers', which I ultimately failed to do.

She's back to sleeping through the night. Sometimes she wakes around 7, and I nurse her and she sleeps for another hour or two. Today she slept all the way till 8am. Last night, she had woken from a nap at 6:15, which would lead me to expect her to be ready to sleep around 10. So I bathed her at 9:30, then she proceeded to wiggle and squirm until finally falling asleep around 11:30-12ish.

Today, up at 8, then no nap until 2:45. Craziness. Some sort of major sleep pattern shift going on, here. Where will we land? But for the first time, I didn't have to hold her while standing or nurse her to sleep for the nap-- just laid next to her and rubbed her belly. Very pleasant. Very civilized.

Back to hunting for those clippers.

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