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Thursday, Mar. 24, 2011 - 9:02 p.m.

Ok, well. The weather! Oh, the weather.

I have all my dad's letters, I'm working with a set 1943-1947. Gonna make a book. I have it all (mostly) planned. Single sheets sewn onto tapes, each page will fold out in thirds like a letter, and will feature some photos and quoted text and then a copy of the letter itself will be sewn to the page. The front of each page, when folded in thirds, will have a picture of the envelope that goes with it. I have to decide whether the typing paper I have will be sturdy enough to sew. The only thing holding me up from getting started for real is that I don't have any acid-free white paper to print the letter copies onto. The main pages are going to be this offwhite speckly stuff, but the letters need to contrast. Otherwise, too much beige. I'd like to use more Speckletone, but I have so much of that damned paper that I've never found a use for, and shipping the stuff costs a lot. Even though getting some in white would obviously have a) an immediate use, and b) obviously a lot of potential use, unlike some others I have acquired (sure, I need a whole ream of text weight kraft paper! My ass).

I would like a typewriter font, but don't know that I want to pay for one just for this one project. So I think I'll use Brunine.

I was going to do one for each of the two sisters I'm in contact with, and one for my niece I'm in contact with. I don't know about my other sister and her other daughter. I wish I knew why they don't communicate at all. If its laziness/busyness, I can forgive that. Certainly. But I just don't know, and that's what makes it hurtful.

Anyway, I'm excited about the book project-- it's the most detailed and well-thought-out of any such projects I've done.

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