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Language Log

Friday, Jun. 03, 2011 - 7:18 a.m.

Talked to my FIL about my tailbone and the doc sending me to PT. (I feel like a cool old person now, calling it "PT"). He printed up some top secret medical doctor information for me about the problem and evidence-based treatments. He was a little more optimistic than I am (surprise), but what I read suggested that there isn't an obvious course of treatment. There were things if there had been acute trauma, and things if you had muscle spasms, which I don't. Certainly _stretching_ was not mentioned. I'm tempted to just get a better donut cushion and call it a day.

But I'd really like it to heal. I dunno.

They managed to replace the cruddy front door! Yay. And one of the outside lights (the other one, presumably, will be replaced today). On Monday we have an appt with the realtor. She drove by early in the morning and suggested that landscaping the outside might help. Thanks! Can't wait for her to come in and tell us we ought to have the carpets cleaned, too! Captain Obvious, our realtor.

Am avoiding packing up my art supplies until the last possible moment. If I pack them I will surely have a flash of brilliance which, if not indulged immediately, will disappear forever, dooming me to obscurity. I can't tell you how many times that has already happened!

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