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Friday, Jun. 17, 2011 - 7:40 a.m.

The in-laws, this time with brother-in-law too, are coming back today. I guess it'll be a help. I guess. We still have a lot to do, and the time in which to do it is shrinking rapidly. The rooms we can't work on with Q just sit here, untouched.

Well, I did finally vacuum up the Dorito. But I couldn't even vacuum the whole room; there are these baskets of papers that J put in here on previous occasions of cleaning the house for holidays family-visits that have sat here ever since. Grr. If the dining room table were clean now, I'd put them back, but it isn't. We are NOT moving them to AZ. You hear me, J? NOT moving them. :)

We had a guy working on our disintegrating front stoop, and he hasn't come back for like 4 days and so we have a dug-out walk (ready to lay pavers) and a half-built stoop with 2 _really_ big steps. Makes it treacherous to come in, and J's parents aren't as steady on their feet as they once were. We're hoping he comes back and finishes some of it before they get here.

Haven't been going for walks as much as I'd like. I'm wasting the summer! I hope the peaches arrive at market before I have to leave. Also the blackberries.

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