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Sunday, Jun. 19, 2011 - 1:49 p.m.

[FYI, there was just another post, but I forgot I wanted to say this, too)

Oh yeah, I wanted to add that my Swahili pal has been blogging her recent trip to East Africa. She's managed to arrange things such that she gets to go on regular fun trips to Tanzania as a part of her career. As a vicarious traveler, I'm grateful. Anyway, she included a little bit about how there's a group of folks there working on the larger project of bringing bioinformatics, genomics, etc. to East Africa. I don't really get that part of what she does, but it made me miss the sense of having a long-term project to work on. Preferably something that involves other humans to some extent. (Yes I said it! I want to work on something that involves other humans!) I have ideas from time to time, but they never hapen. Witness my collaborative book-making project idea. I can't even finish the book I was making with my dad's letters, or the book I was going to do with my photographer friend. Not a good record of follow-through in this domain.

But I think I'd like to find something. I think it might be important.

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