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Language Log

Monday, Jul. 11, 2011 - 5:58 a.m.

Something unpleasant happened to a muscle in my lower back when I was pulling weeds yesterday. Damn weeds. Ow. I'd welcome it as an excuse to hire someone to finish it all, except I've made a big thing out of not hiring anyone and so no way! I'll do it myself! We have one week from today. All I have to do is finish weeding the garden, laying newspaper and mulch, move the compost piles to wherever it is I'm going to put them, finish weeding the back of the house, and do something with the rest of the giant mulch pile. And then finish painting the garage. And the area around the garage door. And clear off my computer desk. And finish packing the studio. And bake snacks for us to take on the trip. And other stuff.

Q now yells "Go away!" when someone rings the doorbell. I swear this is not my fault.

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