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Saturday, Jul. 30, 2011 - 8:42 p.m.

So yeah, as I was saying, AAAGH.

Another almost two weeks of living in the same house with my in-laws. I'm already losing my tenuous grasp on civility. Tonight mil whipped out a toy she had gotten _in a Happy Meal_ ( yes, she bought it for the toy so she could give it to Q), some noxious purple representation of a thin girl-child. I dunno WTF it was, but anyhow j and I nixed it simultaneously. I actually did characterize it as "noxious", since that's the kind of snarky hyperbole I produce when my polite mask is wearing thin. Anyway, it seems we really hurt her feelings.

But I just can't keep up with this daily barrage of trying to offer Q junk food and me having to say no, then giving her stupid toys with characters on them and me biting my tongue because I don't want to be an asshole to this well-meaning, kind woman who is, after all, her grandmother.

At one of the hotels we fed her raisin bran for brekkie, because that's what I was eating and she wanted some. Consistent with my expressed principle, and not that bad. But not that great. I pointed out that it had sugar in it. Just today I told j we should not get her any without first checking for something similar but better at the bulk hippie store. So, of course mil bought a box for Q today. Now what do I do? Granted, I had been unclear as to whether I wanted her to have more or not. Now I guess I let her eat it anyhow until they leave? Just to avoid conflict?

You know what? I really like buying food for my family myself, and I really like cooking food for my daughter myself, and I like organizing her things myself.

I am such a jerk!

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