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Language Log

Monday, Sept. 05, 2011 - 7:18 a.m.

Too many social engagements this past weekend. Q has started crying earnestly whenever we attempt to enter a house with smiling people in it. I know how she feels.

I made my molasses cake, that was one good thing. I love me some molasses cake.

In other food news, we got fresh dates at the farmer's market, and scored some little yellow tomatoes, too. And pears, which seem a bit underripe at present-- we'll have to see how they do. Visited a butcher where they actually had slabs of meat hanging in the back room and would cut bits off for you. Just pork and beef, no chicken. Good prices, though. Will probably be able to get bones for beef stock and fresh lard sometime.

Also a Middle Eastern market that had some interesting things. Proprietors are some variety of East African-- Jonathan thought he heard a 'jambo', but I didn't understand a thing they were saying to each other, so my hopes for Swahili conversation are on hold until I go back and eavesdrop a little more. (I could just ask, yes, but that's not my way). I haven't ever known actual young East Africans to ever say 'jambo' except to wazungu, so I don't know that he heard right anyway.

The jewelry is coming along. I work 20 minutes a day on my best sellers, getting my stock back up. Then a little on the new pieces. It's coming along. I need to buy more chains because the thief grabbed most of them.

I found where I can get a roll of Tyvek. I have a birthday coming up. Would it be weird to ask for Tyvek for my birthday?

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