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Language Log

Saturday, Sept. 17, 2011 - 2:53 p.m.

Better now.

While everyone else in the country is talking about it cooling down, here we're down to a low of around 90 during the day. Very nice. I would like to go somewhere for the weekend where it really feels like fall. And then come back here.

Mom put her mobile home on the market! So she can come here! Who knows how long it'll take her to sell it, and she feels that she does need to sell it before coming here, so she'll have a little something to live on, but still. She hasn't said a word about concerning what my brother might do. She might finally have had it with him. I hope so. Seems like it's generally easier to leave someone than it is to make them leave, if they're disinclined to do so.

That's all. Working on some new jewelry. I've shown off a few designs on FB, and people seem to like them. Handmade paper-- I've had my breakthrough! So I can still hold onto that fantasy of setting up papermaking camp in the summer in different, cooler places. A different place every year! Then coming back here in the fall and making jewelry with it. Awesomeness! That would be what I want, yes.

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