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Language Log

Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2011 - 7:07 a.m.

So yeah, it's not quite as urgent as that-- she has until the end of December to move out of the house. Still! We're trying to figure out the logistics. It's very exciting. My brother is in rehab and has hardly talked to her-- I was perversely hoping he wouldn't find out till she was gone, but no, she talked to him briefly after it happened.

What else. J's mom got us a Costco membership. Now I have giant bags of foodstuffs that I have nowhere to put.

Getting ready for Thanksgiving. Decided to make a raspberry pie for Q, since she's such a big fan of raspberries. Not like she doesn't eat them all the time anyway, but it seemed like a fine reason for choosing the third pie flavor.

Gonna try pecan without corn syrup this year. No offense, corn syrup! But you have no flavor. I suspect pie can be better without you. Gonna try it with brown sugar and maple syrup.

Now I have to go find place to put things. I clean this place up for J's folks, they come in with their outlandish generosity and suddenly every surface I had just cleared is now covered with something new. Piles of new, clogging every table and counter and corner. Damn them*!

*Not really. I like them. I just wish they would bring me a Bag of Holding one of these days.

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