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Language Log

Sunday, Dec. 04, 2011 - 7:03 a.m.

Major plumbing meltdown last night. A stoppage in the main line? No water draining from master bath shower, washing machine, toilet. It backed up and overflowed the other bathroom bathtub and toilet. Water all down the hall. Deeply unpleasant. The plumber will be here this morning to fix it, hopefully.

I got started on the useless brooches. People should really start wearing brooches more. They're ready for a comeback. If people aren't wearing brooches, it's because the brooches commonly available are insufficiently awesome. Are you with me, everyone? Brooches, ahoy!

Got some tea yesterday. A fancy rock oolong. And a nice yunnan. And then my tea I ordered online arrived, too, so I have 2 new kinds of darjeeling to try later today. I do hope the toilets get fixed, or with all this tea drinking, it could be a problem.

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