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Language Log

Monday, Dec. 05, 2011 - 7:10 a.m.

Arthur Hash is on Pinterest. I am so following all of his boards! He went to IU, you know.

(I know. What? Who?)

My first brooch is almost done. There will be 12 of these ones. They're purple. I may also do some leaf pins while I'm at it.

J doesn't think I shuld reopen my Etsy shop, or have one from my website or anything. All that time spent photographing could be used more productively elsewhere. He's right. I just really want to find an audience for my stuff, especially since I don't have any shows lined up. Getting shows lined up, that's another thing I could be doing. Bur first I have to make some new pieces to impress the jury. I suppose what I'm doing now is part of that. But still, you know. I want an audience. Plus a little cashflow from time to time. That wouldn't hurt.

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