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Friday, Dec. 30, 2011 - 4:15 p.m.

Ugh, I think I'm going to eat nothing but vegetables and whole grains for two weeks when I get home. Nothing here but white flour, meat, cheese, with a side of sad boiled veg. Never greens. Never grains.

I am so exaggerating. We had ham and bean soup just last week.

The veg situation is the result of lowest common denominator. One person doesn't like squash. Another doesn't like sweet potatoes. Another doesn't like broccoli. They like cauliflower, but only raw. Most don't like Brussels sprouts. They don't like greens. Bean eating is infrequent.

Seriously, I roasted a cauliflower the other day as a mid-afternoon snack. I ate the whole thing. "you ate the whole thing?" it was asked when discovered. Yes. It was good, and with veg, you can eat the whole damn thing if you want. I hope to do it again soon. If I can get my hands on some kale, I'll show it who's boss, too.

Tonight J and I are going out to dinner with friends. We're going to the churrascaria. Would not have been my first choice at this point, although I do enjoy it generally speaking. Maybe I'll just eat beans. A $25 bowl of black beans. Sounds fairly self-indulgent at this point.

Going to go read the whole grain cookbooks I got for Christmas and dream of what I'll make when I get home.

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