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Language Log

Thursday, Jan. 12, 2012 - 6:58 a.m.

Mom is coming down today, we have a list of places to look at. Fun times.

Also, it's Q's birthday today! She's 2! Can you believe it?

Bought a bunch of plants and am planting them optimistically. Mostly herbs. For the time being, it feels like spring here. Everyone tells me that things won't grow here, but we'll see. Most of them are in pots and will be moved to afternoon shade when that becomes necessary. I put the spearmint in the ground in a place where it gets morning sun. Oregano is in the ground in the back, because it seems sort of hard to kill. Still have to find a place for the rosemary, sage, lavender. Well, at least I'll have fresh herbs until they croak.

Also got some heat-hardy seeds from Native Seeds. Tomato, black-eyed pea, piquin pepper. Not sure where I'll plant those. I have a plan that involves the rectangle of dirt in the back yard and my art show tent frame, repurposed to hold shade cloth during the summer. Soil prep is the holdup (isn't it always?). I hate soil prep.

Still trying to figure out where to put a compost pile.

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