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Language Log

Friday, Jan. 13, 2012 - 6:56 a.m.

So mom found some subsidized housing that's actually quite nice; problem is the wait list. Now we're filling out applications and trying to figure out what to do with her stuff in the meantime. Like, the better part of a year.

A difference between my family and J's: at lunch Q dropped a piece of cheese in her lap. Mom said to my uncle (who was closest to Q), "Oh, she dropped a piece of cheese there! See if you can get it!". He said, "I'm not gonna get it! It's not _my_ job." Let's just say that's not something you hear with J's family.

Also, they (my mother's generation at least) tend to ignore the kids in the room as much as possible. A child has to get pretty loud and insistent in order to get a conversation to stop. Sitting around watching a child play is a lot like watching a fish tank. Whereas in J's family, the world pretty much revolves around Q at all times. The contrast is extreme. Personally, I think a bit more of a balance would be preferable. I do remember when I was a child, trying so hard to get my mom's attention when she was having a conversation. Having to be rude to do so. Not a situation that breeds mutual respect! Also you get the thing where only acting out gets you attention. Good behavior does not. On the other hand, you quickly become aware that you are _not_ the center of the universe.

It also kind of explains why my mom seems to think I should be able to do all these other things. "What have you been doing with yourself lately?" she always asks. I have trouble answering that.

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