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Thursday, Feb. 02, 2012 - 2:06 p.m.

Doc appt went fine. Everything is fine so far as one can tell at this point.

Am feeling a bit odd about this one-- were we planning this? Yes. Would I be frustrated and incredibly sad if this one didn't work out? Oh, yes. Yet all I really feel upon the successful first doctor's appointment is a looming dread-- oh, what have we done? Surely it will be disaster, one way or another. For Q, for our work/family balance, for our sleep and our sanity. Funny, you'd think the options would be: pregnancy lost--> sad; pregnancy ok--> rejoice, but instead it's more like: pregnancy lost--> sad; pregnancy ok--> DOOM. Which isn't to say that DOOM is still not, on balance, the one I would choose.

Gonna hold off on telling anyone until (most of) the first trimester is safely over with.

Not so sure about the doctor situation. Wish I could go back to Bloomington for this.

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