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Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2012 - 6:14 a.m.

I keep adding new items to my wholesale page, but they are not updating their "new work" page, so my things are not getting seen. They only show 2 new items at a time anyway (which is fine, we don't want to to be like Etsy where everyone feels the need to compulsively list and re-list stuff). I'm kind of annoyed. It's really the only thing driving traffic to my site, so.

After I finish all the colors of the new necklaces (and earrings), I'm going to make a postcard and send it out, though. I found a master list of museum stores. I kind of want to start an email list of my past customers so I can tell them I have new, exciting stuff, but I've never asked anyone if I can put them on my mailing list (because I haven't had one, particularly), and so I'd feel like I was spamming them.

I did sign up for the next Buyer's Guide (the printed thing). Maybe I should do a Featured Ad as well. Hmm.

This is kind of boring. I should go arrange little bits of paper.

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