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Language Log

Friday, Mar. 16, 2012 - 7:27 a.m.

Went and had the ultrascreen done yesterday. Q had a meltdown straightaway (too close to nap? Scared of exam room? Too many strangers? Not enough access to me? Who knows. All of the above, probably), so J had to leave with her after just a couple of minutes. She fell asleep shortly thereafter in the waiting room.

Anyway, the fetus is looking good. It kept sucking on its fingers. We're at 13 weeks now. I know I'm not supposed to feel movement yet, but I do. Not very clearly, but mostly in the evenings when I first lay down in bed, I can tell something's going on. Nothing as clear as kicks, just...a bit of a hootenanny going on in there.

We have to wait another week or so to hear the results of the screening-- hopefully they will be both good and unambiguous. Can't wait to get past this period of suspense, finally. And not sure I'm up to making any hard decisions.

Finally watching Game of Thrones (Hooray for HBO GO). Generally like it but am a bit annoyed by the male-centricity of it all. Oh, well.

Got another order. A reorder, in fact. About the same amount as the one that got cancelled, involving of course not many of the designs that I already have in stock. Just once I would like to get an order and actually have everything made and just pop it in the mail the next day. No one to blame but myself for that, though.

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