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Tuesday, Mar. 27, 2012 - 2:28 p.m.

My friend who delivered my mom's car lives in Sanford. While initially she spoke of going to the rally, then decided not to, now she's mainly concerned about the effects on her day-to-day life. Traffic. News helicopters. And the fact that the rallies have basically shut down business in downtown Sanford, leading to reduced hours and pay for both her and her husband. Annoying, yes. I think it's a shame that the protests have caused her to lose sympathy for the cause. But, you know, they've brought a lot of attention to something that otherwise would have gone uninvestigated. (And what are they supposed to do? Shut up about the suspicious death of a teenager and subsequent law enforcement mishandling just so they don't annoy the white locals? Come on...). I think it's worth the cost to local quality of life. Hopefully that will be temporary. And, you know, of course the protestors aren't eating out and living it up downtown. They take what they're doing very seriously (as they should); they're not there to enjoy the river walk and drink German beer. *shrugs*

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