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Sunday, Apr. 01, 2012 - 6:45 a.m.

Went shopping for maternity clothes yesterday since I only have one pair of shorts, and those are missing a button. I should say, only one pair that do not have the giant elastic belly thing. I have a few more of those, but they're a) mostly for winter, and b) they keep sliding down on me. There's one nice pair of denim capris that may work better once I have more of a belly to hold them up. If it's not too hot by then. I found 1 pair of shorts that would work, and a shirt. All the long pants were boot cut or flared. I'm a straight-leg kind of gal. You'd think the many years of What Not To Wear advocating for straight leg pants would have influenced the fashion industry to make a few more in that design for people in my age group, but no. I guess not.

My friend in Memphis is sending her maternity clothing cache along to me, but she's not a jeans type person at all, and so this particular problem may go unsolved for a while.

Did I mention that our house sold? Our house sold! Just in the nick of time, too. The expenses were really starting to get to us.

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