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Language Log

Tuesday, Apr. 03, 2012 - 6:37 a.m.

My new resin appears to be a winner. Remember my new resin? It took a while for me to try it out because I had batches of things going and stuff for orders and didn't want to test it out on something like that. But now I have, and it's actually stronger than the previous resin. I mean, it's an industrial resin, it's meant to be durable. Also UV-protectant and non-petroleum-based, so yay. It's thicker, which is a bit tricky, but I'm managing it so far. It's nice and clear and shiny, and now I can say I use eco-resin.

Got some water beads for Q to try, since water beads are all the rage with people who like to play with their toddlers. The sensory box crowd. They post all these pictures of their happy toddlers, engrossed in playing with water beads (or paints or play dough or all those other things Q doesn't give a shit about). Q? She was all like, Oh, it's in water! Can I drink the water? [sticks face in box. I pull her out, since the beads are still tiny and I don't want her eating them]. Then as the beads get bigger, she realizes there's something fishy going on, and starts sticking my hand in there to play with them. Then she asks for some sliced turkey and proceeds to ignore the beads completely. Even after we add red ones that turn the water pink.

Oh, well, now we have some water beads. Maybe the younger sibling will be all about them someday.

Not that I'm dissatisfied with Q. She is who she is, and it's wonderful and all. I enjoy discovering her quirks. We just spend a lot of time at home, and it seems like when we're home, all we do is play musical instruments, read books, move rubber ducks around (just a little in the a.m. to ensure that they're all over the table for the rest of the day), and eat. Lego occasionally, but not every day. She plays on the iPad a lot now, a lot more than I'd like her to. So I would like to get another reliable activity or two added to the mix.

Oh, lately she also asks me to do a vocal rendition of that 50's song Sleepwalk. She calls it the "Ding song", based on how she perceives my vocal rendition. (Even though I would swear I never use a velar nasal in my version). Then she bounds up and I have to tickle her. Then I continue with the song. Then she requests it again. Etc. It's kinda weird. This is what we do instead of fingerpainting. *shrugs*

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