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Saturday, Apr. 07, 2012 - 6:57 a.m.

Egg decorating yesterday. Mom and I had fun. Q, not so much, you will be shocked to hear. It wouldn't have been so bad if she had not repeatedly tried to drag me away in the middle of it. I'm dyeing eggs, here! Sheesh!

Less fun than doing it by myself, in other words. Boo.

Did get her involved in making the cookies. She has the hang of cutting out cookies now (well, sort of-- her aim is a bit off, but the enthusiasm is there so I won't quibble). Today we'll decorate them and see if she can be interested in that. I'm betting not, but you never know.

To my surprise, got 2 kinds of macarons made-- weird hollow bits under the dome, but other than that they're not bad for a noob. One batch is purple with a tart plum jam filling, the other orange(ish) with a peach-butter buttercream. The colors on that one are not quite as appetizing as I had hoped for, but entirely edible. If I decide that they should be an Easter tradition (or made with any frequency at all for any occasion), I'm just going to order almond flour. I bought and sifted the Trader Joe's almond meal and that was a huge pain in the neck.

Was going to make marshmallows and cut them into peep-like shapes, but don't think I have the energy left for that one this year. Thought about making the white chocolate-coconut nests (golly I love those), but I don't have any jellybeans.

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