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Language Log

Thursday, Apr. 12, 2012 - 6:23 a.m.

It all worked out ok. I worked; J slept a little then got up and I finished getting it together and mailed it off. Although mom hurt her back trying to wrangle Q in the midst of it all.

Got my first cardboard bed built. I think it looks pretty awesome. Sort of nest-like, with a ring of rocks on top to hold it all in place. Planted the squash, a tomato, and some flowers in it. I wish I had enough junk mail or newspaper to do the other one (for the sake of contrast), but all I have is more cardboard, so I'm working on a bigger one for the other tomato, peppers, etc. It's supposed to be nice and cool for a couple of days, then rain on Saturday (we'll see if all my work collapses), then hot next week. Was hoping for a little more cool time to allow the plants to establish, but so it goes.

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