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Wednesday, Apr. 18, 2012 - 6:18 a.m.

So, you know, the other day I went to the mall on a wild goose chase for maternity clothes. Didn't even find anything to try on, but did come away with a cold. Just like last time I went to the mall (well, not JUST like-- this time Q seems to have escaped unscathed, inshallah). The not being able to breathe through your nose thing is even more brutal here, especially at night, when your mouth dries up completely every 10 minutes. Waking up every 10 minutes to take a swig of water is not conducive to good sleep. Finally took some Afrin (a bit of a gamble since it's on the "during pregnancy? Who knows?!" list), which cleared me up for the night.

I hope I have the sense not to go to the mall again. Ever. Between the horrid marketing/ads everywhere, ghastly perfume smells emanating from every corner, lack of anything I want to buy, and the fact that I get colds there with some frequency, I really should have the sense to just stay away. I guess I get clothes in a department store sometimes. But out into the mall? No. No more.

Took the cat to the vet yesterday. It's not totally clear what's going on, still, but they gave him some medication to clear up any intestinal issues he might be having. We were keeping him in the bathroom after that terrible day (Did I mention he pooped on our new couch?); now it kind of seems like he won't go back into the bathroom (where the litterbox is), which could be problematic. Although this morning he does not seem to have gone elsewhere, so. ?? We shall see.

What a very physical-ailments-heavy post this has turned out to be. I'll stop while I'm ahead.

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