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Language Log

Thursday, Apr. 19, 2012 - 6:41 a.m.

Failed to pill the cat yesterday. He barfed it up. Twice. New approaches will be tried today. The crap situation has not changed. I let him inside last night (he was being piteous), stuck him in the bathroom, crap everywhere today. Well, sort of. I will not go into details. You're welcome. So back outside with him today. Told my mom about the cat drama and when I mentioned that we had put him out, she said we should just have him put down. My mother and her bright ideas. There may be time for that, and I hope I will have the wisdom to recognize it when it comes, but it's not when the vet can't even find anything physically wrong with him. I told her I wish we could put people down just for being really annoying, but we can't, and I will extend the same civility to my cat, who is still basically a good, sweet guy when he isn't pooping on the floor.

What else. Am reading Swamplandia! and trolling foodgawker for interesting recipes using herbs.

It's going to be hot today.

Tomorrow my friend who I have not seen in a really really long time is going to be in town; I will have lunch with her. But J is out of town, so lunch with her will probably involve me spending the whole time trying to convince Q that she should stay seated/ walking around with her when she won't.

May also go to a swap meet with her, which is what they call flea markets out here.

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