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Language Log

Wednesday, Apr. 25, 2012 - 6:10 a.m.

J's grandfather died yesterday, early early morning. He had just seen him when he was up there last weekend-- mind you, he wasn't really responding, but still it was good he got there. Tomorrow he goes back for the funeral. We're not going; too damn expensive, and it's not like I could take Q to the service anyway. So. Anyway, J is sad. So am I, although I didn't know him all that well. His grandpa was a good grandpa.

After all my groaning about how no one will give me plant trimmings, I finally actually emailed someone (probably entirely the wrong person) at the University to see about it; also a landscaper. The landscaper has gotten back to me and that may pan out. (The University person will probably ignore me forever). Just have to figure out a way to get the stuff without it inconveniencing them. Assuming that works out, now all I need is a gas canister that works, and a new mold and deckle. And time. Still, I'm stoked, as they (used to) say.

Have I mentioned lately how bad I am at paperwork? Every month I set aside my city sales tax bill with the intention of paying it before the due date. Every month I lose the goddamn thing and end up in a frantic rush to find it at the last minute. And let's not forget that I thought that simply moving here would get me our of Indiana paperwork; forgot to file the requisite "That's all, folks!" with them and now and getting insane late bills from every government agency down the whole chain in IN. I suck, make no mistake.

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