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Language Log

Wednesday, Apr. 25, 2012 - 3:59 p.m.

I have a little time to work and I can't seem to do anything. I'm just staring at my piles of materials, my piles of things I have made that no one wants, trying to reconcile the urge to make more new things no one will want with the knowledge that I should do something practical. Make little paper leaves that'll be ready to go next time I get an order for little paper leaves. I have to build up some stock. My one consignment account is going to want some things soon. May is good to them. But I want to do something new.

Very few views on my expensive print ad. I suppose they're cumulative, though. I'm worried I chose the wrong picture. Should have stuck with leaves. Should stick with making things that sell wholesale for $20 and under. That's about all I sell. I need new leaf earring designs for $15. A smart business artist finds the price points and makes stuff to fit them. Not fantasizes about weird-ass shapes that no one else will like.

I should get myself unstuck. I should just do something. My materials are not expensive. It's not like I'm a goldsmith. Sheesh. Scribble on paper and throw resin on it like I want to. Make bulbous 2-toned, monster egg pendants that will clutter up my desk, and occasionally my neckline, for the next 10 years.

Really I should put together sampler packs of my best sellers and list them for easy buying on the wholesale site. I should take photos of the 2 pairs of earrings that are ready to list.


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