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Tuesday, May. 01, 2012 - 6:12 a.m.

Found where the cat has been pooping. In my new raised bed, of course. Where else? I put a ring of cat repellant around it, but today that has a hole dug right in the middle of it, so so much for repellant.

I give up.

What else. The cactus paper is coming along fine. The last 3 sheets I pulled are still drying, because I left the hose on and Q got it and immediately randomly squirted my stack of drying paper. Not a big deal, just a delay. I want to get the rest of the sheets formed before the water/fiber slurry gets all icky, though.

Was reading up on prickly pear, and found a nice article on its many uses that mentions in passing that basketmakers use it for its fiber, and you can make paper from it, too. Yes! Yes, you can! As it turns out.

Also was plumbing the depths of the papermaking message list and found a couple of people who use their paper for sculpture who mention not using a deckle-- just pouring it on the screen and shaping the edges. So it's not just me there, either.

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