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Language Log

Friday, May. 11, 2012 - 6:08 a.m.

Neighbor brought Ballyhoo over yesterday, saying he was having diarrhea problems. Took him to the vet. Had them do the comprehensive blood test. Will get results today.

*please let it not be serious or expensive*

Harvested some weeds from the yard to make into paper. That sounds glamorous, doesn't it? Spent some time trying to figure out what it was-- groundsel is my (possibly completely erroneous) conclusion. Working on cutting them up now.

Stupid kitty wakes me up every day at 5am, meowing and meowing and meowing. She meows if she's inside. She meows if she's outside. She meows even though she's got food. She meows even though she's got water. She meows if I let her in. She meows if I let her out.


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