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Saturday, May. 12, 2012 - 6:29 a.m.

Really wish I would stop waking up at 3:30 or 4 in the morning for no apparent reason. There I was, having a perfectly good dream about being at a gas station with my mother in law and one of her sisters where they were trying to locate an important pile of greeting cards they needed to send out. The soundtrack was "Silent Night", rendered on the theramin. Then next thing you know I'm awake. I got to sleep, but then the cat started up a little while later. I threw her out, got back to sleep, and then J came in to go to bed. So that was that.

At least I've got some tea and oatcake in me now. (I put some molasses in this latest batch of oatcakes. Blackstrap molasses + oats= yum).

Went to the zoo yesterday. Q was lukewarm about the animals, but enjoyed orbiting cautiously around the drums and marimba set up in the elephant/ Tanzania exhibit. (I was also pleased to see termite mounds and weaver birds featured-- in mock-up, not real, but still! Tanzania!). She wouldn't actually touch them herself. Just kept trying to get me to play them. I'm guessing she'll work up to it in time.

Then they have a water play area where she played for over an hour. She was in heaven. (Had no problem playing pretend drum on the concrete-filled planters there, oddly enough). Eventually I was able to extract her-- for a little while thought we were going to take up residence. Thought she had no use for the actual animals until we were leaving, when she requested "see animals!". We got a membership, though so, we can go every damn day if necessary.

Seem to have lost my driver's license some time in the last few days. Hope it turns up-- I don't want to have to do all the damn tests again.

Gotta take Ballyhoo back to the vet this morning. The blood test was remarkably uninformative, and we're trying injected antibiotics (since he may have an infection of some sort) and steroids (in case he's arthritic and that's why he won't poop in the box, although he still pees in the box and poops in the neighbor's tub, which you would think would be harder to climb in and out of than a litterbox). Worth a try, anyhow.

He seems very happy over there.

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