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Sunday, May. 27, 2012 - 6:06 a.m.

Yesterday we made the mistake of going and looking at a foreclosure house. The problem is that I love it, and J doesn't. The whole family was along, because that's how it worked out-- the others are not real positive about it, but me, my pessimism tends to give way to blind optimism when it comes to houses that I like.

I like the house (right across from huge park/zoo/rec centers, high ceilings, lots of built in storage, lots of wood, huge rooms, big kitchen albeit with remarkably outdated appliances), but it's the guest house that did me in. Loft bedroom, and a garage that had been converted into a workshop. A huuuuggge woodworking workshop, with lots of storage and high ceiling and loft with shelves and and and....

Oh yeah, there are _birdhouses_ built into the front of the house under the eaves.


Ok, gotta stop. Being a foreclosure, it's kind of not in the best of shape in many ways. I tend to see past the imperfections (like the scrap heap that appeared to formerly be an air conditioner. Or the appliances from the Pleistocene. They still work! They used to make things to last! They might be better than anything on the market now, you never know till you try 'em!)

In the end it comes down to, I love it, J doesn't.

And his dad keeps going on about how we should check into school districts. Which, a) we're very likely gonna homeschool and b) it's open enrollment here, so not such a huge deal should we change our minds for any reason. But we're not yet ready to raise THAT topic with them. We'll need to have every possible angle well-researched first so we can counter their every objection/question.

They're, uh, not going to like it, I think. Glad J and I are of one mind about this one (even though my dislike of regular schools is deeper and more personal than his).

In other news, I find that the phrase 'shockingly ___', where ___ is occupied by some positive property, like 'delicious', sounds semantically incoherant to me. 'Shocking' must have a negative complement. Apparently it's just me.

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