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Language Log

Friday, Jun. 01, 2012 - 6:03 a.m.

Stopped by the shop here that bought some jewelry a couple of years ago. Thankfully they seem to have sold it all. Introduced myself and left my card. Am certain that I should do follow-up, am not sure how. Anyway, I'm kinda proud of myself for doing what u did at least. It was small, but I've been known to avoid even small things under certain circumstances. It helped that the manager greeted us.

Watching hot air balloons inflate and launch on the hillside across town.

Some intermittent conflict with mil over the new baby; she seems to be under the impression that an infant boy cannot be allowed to have anything pink or lavender touch his skin or..."he'll look like a fairy". (oh, yes she did!) J is hoping she meant magical fairy with a wand and a plate of food you shouldn't eat or you're stuck buttling in fairyland for 7 years. I'm not sure she did. Hard to tell from context, though. I am certain I don't need a new set of receiving blankets just because one might have a fucking flower on it. Anyway, I continue to surprise her, it would seem. I feel like I should grow up already and stop taking such pleasure in shocking her, but she makes it so damn easy.

Colors are for everyone. Boys can wear a little pink. So can girls. Girls can wear blue. So can boys. I'm not into flowery girly stuff personally. But if either one of my kids are, I'll be damned if anyone is going to try to shame them out of it on my watch. My girl can be anything she wants, and I'll give the same respect to my boy.

Crazy talk, right?

It is kinda weird to me that she isn't more flexible on this point, given that other sorts of conformance to masculine stereotypes were dispensed with with all the ceremony they deserve. Crying is fine. Cooking, baking, cake decorating is fine. Musical theater, too. So it's not like she's hardcore about these things. But I guess babies are different.

Haha. Mil got Q a new bib. It has flowers on it. Mil tried to coax her into wearing it by saying, "you love flowers!". I managed to not interject, "no she doesn't!". (again proving that i do have sine self-control). I don't know whether mil really thinks Q likes flowers or not, but there's very little evidence that she does. She likes animals, she likes musical instruments. Flowers, not an enthusiast. That is why every time I offer her a choice between her car hat and her flower hat, she picks her car hat.


I should turn this phone off, admire the scenery, and fantasize about fabulous jewelry I'm going to make.

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