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Friday, Jun. 01, 2012 - 6:32 p.m.

Late afternoon rant:
Dear BIL,
Stop criticizing my desire to keep my toddler video-and-TV free. No, videos will not help her socialization. Just because the APA says videos are not recommended for children under 2 doesn't mean it's automatically a great idea any time after that. Different people make different parenting choices; ours is not a popular one, but it is the right one for us. I'm sorry that unclehood is so onerous that you can't put out an iota of creative effort to figure out how to do anything with her other than offer her a video on your iPad. But I don't really give a fuck* what you think. I am her parent. Her other parent agrees with me. Someday, assuming you can ever get a second date with anyone, you can plop your toddler in front of a TV, and that'll be your business. I will be decent enough not to second guess you within earshot. Meantime, please fuck off.


*my iPhone tried to autocorrect this to "gubernatorial a duck".

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